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MED Glycolic 50%

MED Peel Jessner 14%

MED Glycolic 10% Exfoliator

MED Salicylic 10%

MED Salicylic 2%

MED Glycolic 20%

MED Salicylic 20%

MED Glycolic 30%

MED Salicylic 30%

MED Glycolic 40%

MED Glycolic 60%

MED Glycolic 70%

Sea Results Perfecting Peel

L'Oreal Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel

Daily Peel Pads

30% Alpha Beta Combo Peel

40% Alpha Beta Combo Acid Peel

50% Alpha Beta Acid Peel

Platinum Salicylic 15

Neutrogena Acne Peel

L'Oreal Acne Peel

20% Glycolic Peel

Salicylic Acid 20%

Platinum Salicylic 25

Platinum Salicylic 3

30% Glycolic Peel

Platinum Glycolic 30

MUAC 30% Glycolic

Glycolic Acid 35%

ANEW CLINICAL Retexturizing Peel

Glycolac 60% Combination Peel

40% Glycolic Peel

MUAC 40% Glycolic

MyChelle Apple Peel

50% Glycolic Peel

Glycolic Acid 50%

Platinum Glycolic 50

MUAC 50% Glycolic

Lactic Acid 50%

Platinum Lactic 50

MUAC 60% Glycolic

MUAC 65% Glycolic

Lactic Acid 70%

Josoef Anti-Aging Peel

Elizabeth Arden Peel And Reveal

Neutrogena Facial Peel

MyChelle Pumpkin Peel

MyChelle Fruit Fiesta Peel

Dr.Varon's Chemical Peel System

Dermadoctor multiacid chemical peel

Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

My Personal Peel System

Glycolic Acid 10% Exfoliator

Glycolic 10% Peel

Lactic 10% Peel

Salicylic 10% Peel

Salicylic Peel 10%

Jessner 14% Peel

Jessner's peel

Salicylic Acid 15% Peel 

Glycolic Acid 20 Peel

Glycolic 20% Peel

Glycolic Acid 20% Peel

Lactic 20% Peel

Salicylic 20% Peel

Salicylic Peel 20%

Salicylic Acid 20% Peel 

Glycolic Acid 30 Peel

Glycolic 30% Peel

Glycolic Peel 30%

Glycolic Acid 30% Peel

Multi Acid Skin Lightening Peel 30%

Lactic 30% Peel

Lactic Acid 30%

Lactic 30% + Glycolic 30%

Salicylic 30% Peel

Salicylic Peel 30%

Salicylic 30% + Glycolic 50%

Glycolic Acid 40 Peel

Glycolic 40% Peel

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MED Peel Glycolic Acid Peel 50%
Manufacturer: Skin-Peel
Brand Name: MED Peel
Price Range: See 8TOP Retailers Below
Concern: Fine Lines, Acne, Sun Damage, Blackheads, Improves Skin Tone, Improves Skin Texture, Age Spots, Shallow Acne Scaring
Strength & Agent: 50% Glycolic Acid
Neutralization (pH): 1.0
Patient Down Time: unavailable
Product Type: Multi-Use Vial
Ingredients: Distilled Water, Glycolic Acid, Xanthan (Cellulose) Gum, Sodium Hydroxide, Phenoxyethanol, Caprylyl Glycol, Potassium Sorbate, Hexylene Glycol.

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1. Skin-Peel  $50.00 2 oz
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Medium+ Strength Glycolic Acid Peel 50% - peeling skin should be noticeable for 2-4 days. pH1.0

Glycolic Acid is a fruit acid derived from sugar cane. Glycolic peels are a very common choice in the medical spa. They are usually light, safe and generally have few complications. The results of the glycolic acid can be dramatic or minimal, depending on the strength and intensity of the peel solution.

Over the course of a peeling series, say five to eight peels, a noticeable difference will be seen in fine lines and the effects of solar damage. It's important to realize that the glycolic peeling is a progressive treatment and that the desired results will not be achieved in one or even three peels. With this kept in mind, the skin will be softer and begin to "glow" after the first peel. Eventually, after a series of peel treatments, you will see the difference and so will your friends and family.

Our peels come complete with pro grade skin peel, neutralizer solution spray, 100% cotton gauze pads, vinyl carry bag and peel instructions.

Sunburn Alert: This product contains an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that may increase your skin's sensitivity to the sun and the possibility of sunburn. Use a sunscreen, wear protective clothing, and limit sun exposure while using this product.

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